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‘The Secret Book of Flora Lea’ shows power of storytelling | DON NOBLE

In the early autumn of 1939, the British knew the German air raids on London would soon be coming. Civilians would be bombed by the Luftwaffe in what would be

All the rage: the rise of the menopause novel

Joanne Harris was rereading Carrie by Stephen King during lockdown when she got the inspiration for her new novel, Broken Light. The novelist had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer

Miss Manners: I made the mistake of sharing my manuscript with this colleague

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I’m the author of three published books. I came to writing late in life but enjoy excellent reviews and decent sales. I have...

Book Bits: 3 June 2023

● Life after Capitalism: The Meaning of Wealth, the Future of the Economy, and the Time Theory of Money. Though Gilder penned what many view as...

Poet Frieda Hughes explains why George the magpie was so special to her

Poet Frieda Hughes talks to Geordie Greig about her memoir on the magpie called George, who came into her life and revealed much about love and living life to its

Carrie Classon: There are things I’m too old to enjoy

My new friend, Betty Lou, started a book club, and she asked me to join. I was delighted. I hadn’t been in a book club for a long time. Because

Mater 2-10 by Hwang Sok-yong review – a masterpiece of Korean history

This epic political novel traces the country from Japanese occupation through partition, as experienced by a family of railway workers

Book bans are anti-American, anti-democratic

The ability of teachers to properly educate students, and the freedom of students to learn by reading a variety of books, is under assault. As the...

Daisy May Cooper: ‘People told me I’m not funny any more because I’m not fat’

When Daisy May Cooper signed up for the dating app Hinge, she used a fake name. Finding romance as a famous divorcee was proving to be a “bloody minefield”, and

Rodney the storyteller

Rodney, my brother-in-law, is one of the South’s best...

Miss Manners: My colleague won’t stop giving me writing advice

Dear Miss Manners: I’m the author of three published books. I came to writing late in life, but enjoy excellent reviews and decent sales. I have...

Life is fleeting in ‘The Boy and the Mountain’

When Torbjørn Ekelund's son August was 7 years old, the pair went on an expedition. They shouldered their packs and set out to hike Styggemann, the tallest mountain in the

A supernatural book traps sisters in its deadly spell

If Olivie Blake’s “The Atlas Six” seduced you with its library of ancient secrets, if you swooned over Deborah Harkness’ enchanted manuscript in “A Discovery of Witches,” then let me

Behind enemy lines with the ‘Donut Dollies’ of WWII in ‘Good Night, Irene’

In the musical "Hamilton," George Washington croons to aide-de-camp Alexander Hamilton, "History has its eyes on you."

This week’s bestsellers from Publishers Weekly

Here are the bestsellers for the week that ended Saturday, May 27, compiled from data from independent and chain bookstores, book wholesalers and independent distributors nationwide, powered by Circana BookScan

Poetry Corner: The Equation

Do you know what it is like to be caged like an animal?. In a box that is unfit to be healthy for human growth?. For...

Today’s Wordle #714 Hints, Clues And Answer For Saturday, June 3rd

The first weekend of June is here and I’m taking my kids to a fun little music festival today. Biking, beer, live music, good food. Should...

Head of Russia’s notorious Wagner Group wrote a children’s book that takes place in a land of tiny people

The head of a Russian mercenary group fighting in Ukraine once wrote a children's book. Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner Group, is accused of atrocities...

Book World: What’s weird? These novels – brilliant forays into the otherworldly.

Having no belief whatsoever in the supernatural, I nonetheless love stories of the weird and inexplicable. Give me a plot involving magic, deals with the devil,...

Book World: A boy remembers his fierce father in a rich family novel

- - - The father "always said that he was the best at everything." As a boy he was the best looking and the best student....

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